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1 misson of sustainability

Rechsand has spent over thirty years singularly developing and unleashing the great potential of sand to solve some of our planet's most pressing issues.

Our purpose to benefit mankind through innovation. We recognize our responsibility to preserve and conserve the Earth's most precious resource, water. We seek to harness the vast potential intrinsic in sand to create technologies which improve the health of the planet and lives around the world. We strive to achieve our entrepreneurial objectives in a spirit of good will, innovation, mutual benefit and human advancement.


To maintain and advance our position as the Trailblazers and Industry Leaders in the research, development, creation, and advancement of sand-based technologies.











  • Innovation creates value, industry achieves dreams

  • Innovation concept: your needs, my creation

  • Innovation mode: creativity - experiment - pilot test - productization - engineering - industrialization

  • Business philosophy: meet demand, guide consumption, create the market

  • Management policy: personalized production, professional services, create value with customers


Rechsand is the world's leading innovator in nanocoated sand solutions. Whether extracting petroleum more efficiently and cleanly, preventing urban areas from flooding, growing crops in the desert or building safer and highly energy efficient housing, Rechsand has developed and continues to develop leading edge solutions to some of the world's most pressing problems using sand.

Rensand holds over 670 international patents and has received numerous awards from industry and governments alike. Rechsand has been recognized by the United Nations and spoken before its members. Rechsand has been praised by the Chinese government for its dedication to environmental technology and scientific progress. 

Rensand has been featured many times on Chinese national television. Rechsand's approach to improving industry and life through innovation has been praised by China's Minister of Science and Technology and called the “Rechsand Model”, a model of success for modern industry to follow.

The Rechsand logo was designed by Rechsand's chairman himself. It is the composition of three Chinese characters, meaning "there are three people." This refers to an ancient proverb, "Where three people walk, there must be my teacher among them." Rechsand encourages us all to learn and learn from each other.


One can also recognize the form of a flying aircraft or rocket, symbolizing a dedication to innovation and courage in exploration.

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